Our Services

PC Solutions is here to help you with their computer needs, whether it be repair, virus removal, networking or backup.

Virus Removal

We don’t just run scan after scan, we manually remove the virus.  Then we repair the system, often times the virus damages the firewall and the virus protection software.  After the problem has been fixed we do a PC Optimization.



Not sure what’s wrong with your computer?  Don’t worry, we will do some diagnostic testing and figure it out and the best part is its free!  Diagnostics usually take a full day of testing.


Mail Client Setup

Sick of logging into your email?  We will install and setup a mail client so you get your email in one click.


One Year Unlimited Remote Repairs for 3 Computers

If you have more than one computer this plan is for you.  Three computers unlimited remote repairs all year.  Get your family protected, sign up today.


PC Optimization

We remove the bloatware, delete temporary files and manage startup programs.  ”What is bloatware?”  Bloatware is useless and trashy software that slows the computer down.  Most computers have in some way shape or form have bloatware, for example a new computer will have trial programs on them in hopes of selling them to the user.  Bloatware is also packaged with important software your need like Java, Adobe Reader\Flash and most free anti-viruses.  Examples of bloatware are: Toolbars, Trial Programs and most Automated Computer Cleaners.


One Year Unlimited Remote Repairs for 1 Computer

Sign up for our yearly plan and receive unlimited remote repairs for one full year.  You can call us as many times as you need.  This service is excellent for keeping your computer running top-notch at one flat fee.  Keeping your computer safe for less than $16 per month is a no brainer.


Data Transfer\Backup

Transferring data from an old computer that no longer turns on is possible!  We will transfer all the data on to a new\different computer and put it back in the correct area, not a jumbled folder on the desktop leaving the customer to sort through it.  Don’t have another computer to put the data on.  No problem, we can back it up to DVD’s or an external hard drive.


Computer Cleaning

Dust can cause computer hardware nightmares. Dust is sucked into your computer from the power supply fan, processor fan and case fans. It’s a good idea to keep your computer off the floor and on the desk to reduce dust intake. With several points of entry we recommend a computer cleaning every 6 months, pop the case open and carefully blow it out with canned air.


Family Member Plan

Join our family!  Our family member plan is our most popular service.  Add your computer to our family and save.  The plan entitles each computer enrolled in the plan UNLIMITED virus removals and PC optimizations for 1 year.   A membership must accompany any other PC Solutions service.


New Computer Setup

Bring in a new computer or have us find one that fits your needs.  The first step is we transfer the data from the old\broken computer to the new one.  Then we remove the bloatware and burn the recovery disks.  We also install all of the following: OS updates, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Java and our recommended antivirus software.  *A new computer setup includes the data transfer service.